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No Nukes

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No Nukes

Thousands of citizens have worked for decades to shut down nuclear power plants and to push for nuclear disarmament. Videos in this collection, present some of those efforts and include informational programs and documentaries.

1) No Nukes: Seabrook - 10:26 min. 1976. This video covers the Clamshell Alliance anti-nuclear action and planned civil disobedience on the site of the then proposed nuclear plant at Seabrook, NH. Before cell phones or the internet, community access TV was one of the few ways to widely share information. This video was intended for local access playback as part of an outreach effort for Woodstock Nuclear Opponents. We were fighting a proposed nuclear plant on the Hudson River about 25 miles as the radiation flies from Woodstock. Ultimately, Sabrook was built and oor local nuke plan was shelved. Instead, a gas fired power plant was installed on the site. Edited at Woodstock Community Video and Electronic Arts Intermix. Screened in the Second Documentary Video Festival at Global Village in 1976.

2) The Nuclear Truth with Larry Bogart 06:30 min. 1980. The late Larry Bogart was a fountain of knowledge on all things nuclear. Here he explains the history and perils of Indian Point, so close to NY City. The last of the three reactors, about 25 miles north of mid-town Manhattan, was shut down in 2021. Waste products remain onsite and will require long term security and management. Edited at Media Bus in Woodstock, NY.

3) The World Peace March 06:04 min. 1982. Leading up to the massive June 12, 1982, March for Disarmament rally, people walked from their homes around the world to join the event in New York City's Central Park. Bart Friedman and I caught up with some of the walkers in Hudson, NY and crossing the Hudson River at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge on their way to Manhattan. Edited at Media Bus in Woodstock, NY.

4) An End to Nuclear Power 56:45 min. 1988. A multi-dimensional picture of the nuclear power industry and regulatory and health concerns was presented at this informative 1987 conference. Eighteen presenters: Nobel Prize winner Dr. George Wald, Larry Bogart, Barbara Hickernell, Doug Taper, Pat Tummons, Bert Dodson, Anna Mayo, Karl Grossman, Ruth Messinger, Joel Kreisberg, Danah Geffen, Irving Like, Dr. Ernest Sternglass, Esther Poneck, Pat Birnie, Dr. Jay Gould, Chris Nord, and Margot Dardis. Edited at Media Bus in Woodstock, NY.

5) Crime Scene at Indian Point 07:43 min. 2002. Hudson River Sloop Clearwater has always been in the forefront of the successful effort to shut down the Indian Point nuclear plants. In 2002, they sponsored an on-the river sailing event highlighting the dangers of continuing to run Indian Point. It took another 19 years until the last operating reactor in Peekskill, NY, stopped operations. Edited at Willow Mixed Media.



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